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Our Ethos

It's all about tailoring our service to you, our customer

Just as every customer is different, so is every mortgage. Here, at the Mortgage Tailoring Service, we believe strongly in the idea that mortgages and protection should be tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual.

Our focus is all on quality over quantity. The goal is for you to get the mortgage and protection that suits you, whether you are just moving home or have a more complex case that needs a more bespoke service. Putting the customer first isn't just our mantra, it's the only way to get the job done.

Our Founders


Dhilshan Sandanarajah

Dhilshan had worked at several mortgage and protection advice companies before deciding he wanted to do things differently. He believed that the mortgage should revolve around the customer. After seeing complex cases be passed over for easier wins and companies that select the quickest solution rather than the best deal for the customer, he decided that opening up his own company that focused on the customer's needs was the way to help more people.


Liam Sliney

Liam has worked tirelessly over the last several years, setting up businesses, helping them to cope with growth and change. Having spent a lot of time working with customer centric programmes, he realised that setting up his own business in something he was truly passionate about where he could really help his customers was inevitable. Liam is passionate about The Mortgage Tailoring Service as it really takes putting the customer first a level above the rest.

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The Partnership

With Dhilshan's extensive knowledge of the financial sector and Liam's experience in business mobilisation, it made sense for these two to team up and create something truly special. Brothers and business partners had a nice ring to it and with the common goal of creating a customer centric business, The Mortgage Tailoring Service was born.